Black and white photography of a child

Look at the triangles and the diagonals that are created.

I recently did a proof edit over the phone with one of my favorite clients. I have been working with her long enough that we have similar discussions about images we like and images we think work together. She is so great, she comes up with brilliant ideas for triptych (three images together) that sometimes I haven’t even seen. I love that!

Check out all the triangles in this image! And my client after working with me for several years has now developed her seeing and put them three together which I think is brilliant.

I am writing this today because I think these images illustrate what I feel to be an important aspect any good portrait or fine art photograph – the triangle or the diagonal. While we aren’t getting as specific as DaVinci’s Golden Ratio, that appear prominently in his work, a lot can be learned by studying this master.

The brilliance of DaVinci

As I photograph my clients and their children, I am not thinking about this. It is only after the session that I see what I have done. It is interesting to me that I was unaware I did it until a friend who is a painter was over at my studio and he pointed it out. After that it was all I saw and it made a good photo better.

More triangles. Do you see them?

Start looking at photography with this in mind and see if you notice something different about the images, whether or not you like them or you don’t. Good photography is more than just capturing a good smile, it is about creating something that has feeling and good composition. Good luck and have fun!

The crop brings out the triangles here.

Look at how the window panes cross right at her head. Look at the gentle way the little girl is touching her mother. I love this image.