A new feature that we are starting here at JLP is Mama of the Month. These are women who are clients who I find inspiring and I hope you do too. I am using the question and answer format because it allows each mother to express themselves fully without being edited.

For our first mama of the month I want to introduce you to Irene, an amazing woman who endured a major car accident during her second pregnancy.

Irene and her daughter pose for the camera.

Irene and her daughter pose for the camera.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself, Clarence and family.

This is my second pregnancy. It is not as easy as the first one. A lot of body changes and discomfort came much sooner. Feeling tired and not as energetic the whole time. From the beginning when I was not certain whether I could carry this pregnancy through to the second trimester when I had a car accident on the freeway and my car was totaled, to the third trimester when I passed out at work and had to go to the hospital again. After all these incidents, I am now so looking forward to the day my baby is born. I wish everything goes smoothly. I really treasure this wonderful moment having my baby girl inside of me and feeling her movements. This is a really special and unforgettable experience of an expecting mother.

I like yoga and swimming. I am a working mom and it is difficult to find time to do these things on a routine basis now.

2. Tell me about your pregnancy journey and why you decided to take photos, and why you trusted me to take these special photos.

I wanted to take pregnancy photos when I had my first baby… but somehow I did not do it… Planned to have two kids, this is my last chance to have pregnancy photos taken! So I did some research to find the right photographer to take these special photos that I will keep for lifetime. Looking at the works of different professional photographers in Seattle, I found your works are the best and attracted me the most. The artistic nature of the photos, capturing the moments, feelings and all that are exactly what I was looking for. Also your extensive experience and specialization in pregnancy photography, as well as family photography, give me the confidence that I will have great photos that capture my pregnant body beautifully, in celebration of my daugther’s two year old birthday, and together with my husband as a family expecting a new member coming to this world to make our family complete. I also asked my husband for opinion as he likes photography as a hobby. I made the right decision… the photos that you took for us have exhibited perfectly all the elements that I want!

3. Please feel free to include anything else you like that is interesting about you, how you met your husband. It also might be interesting to discuss any cultural differences between the States and where you were raised.

I met my husband through some mutual friends in Phoenix, Arizona. We are both originally from Hong Kong. I went there for college and stayed there for work for few years after graduation, while his family moved to Phoenix when he was in high school. We didn’t start dating when we first met… it was actually when I decided to move back to Hong Kong and thereafter we started a long distance relationship to test whether we were meant for each other! Finally we got engaged during a Christmas trip to France. We got married in Hong Kong and I moved to Seattle to be with him since he relocated from Phoenix for his job.

One thing that I want to say relating to cultural differences is… relating to pregnancy, here in the US many women prefer natural birth, and C-section is mainly for medical reason. In Hong Kong, it is an option for the women to go with C-section or natural birth, and some women choose to have C-section because of various non-medical reasons. For me, I want my baby to be born naturally. I feel so blessed that I made it through without any pain medications and experienced the entire process of giving birth to my first baby. I am hoping the same for my baby coming to this world in December.

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