Uniwue Maternity photographer seattle

Will you be the lucky mama? I hope so.

I am giving away one free maternity photography session to a lucky mama in exchange for being my photo subject for my second book, The Sacred Mother.

To apply, please introduce yourself and write a brief statement about why mothers are sacred and send it along with your favorite photo of you to info@jenniferloomis.com. Make sure the subject line says Sacred Mother Project. 

Thank you for considering to help me with my second book project, The Sacred Mother.  The book is going to explore the strength of motherhood, the psyche of the female, and the mystery and fear that our gender has provoked since creation.

Applications are due September 14th, and please forward to any mamas or mama groups you might know.

You can see samples on my website or on my instagram site: jenniferloomisphoto. I will have a piece in the Lynn Hanson Gallery show that opens Sept. 1 on First Thursday in Pioneer Square www.lynnhansongallery.com

I am inspired by Edward Curtis, a Seattle portrait photographer, who spent 20 years documenting Native Americans, with these proud people staring directly into the camera, and Carravagio, an Italian painter, who is renowned for the use of theatrical light, chiaroscuro, and realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional.

Using a combination of lens, props, and light, I will be creating images that are a major departure from the work featured in my first book, (Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother, 2009, Sentient). I am looking for a pregnant mama who would want to participate and collaborate.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to look at this important aspect of pregnancy.

Jennifer Loomis