The JLP Environmental Session allows me to become a photojournalist in your home. I was a photojournalist for ten years covering Africa, Japan and Mongolia, and now I can tell the story of your family by spending a few hours in your environment of choice, be it the grounds of your summer house, the kitchen table of your home or apartment or your family event. I hunt for moments and create magic along the way. Here are a few samples so you can see this new portfolio I am building.

I got the idea when I had to provide a family photo of us for “Breakfast in America” as segment Ashton Kutcher’s media channel. I set it up and captured this moment that Morrison grabbed our hands and shouted ” family!” I loved the photo and now have it printed out and hanging in my house. I thought perhaps other clients would like to do this too. And so I decided to offer the Day In the Life Sessions.

Here is a selection from a recent shoot I did, earlier this summer. You can also watch the video.

Thanks for looking!