Maternity photography of a black woman

Meet Asha, a gorgeous mother who came to me for pregnancy photography after she wasn’t completely satisfied by the images with another photographer. My process is to meet the clients a few weeks before the session to get to know them as well as to help me start to envision an image for them. She was such a strong mother, I knew she would be the perfect person to be my Mother of the Month for May.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself, your partner and how you met. Why you decided to have kids. Was it an easy process?

I’m a 30yr old jet setting Flight Attendant who did not foresee a little person coming into my life just yet. I’ve always wanted to have children, but I saw it happening under different circumstances. His father and I met in college 10yrs ago and maintained a friendship over the years while he’s been gone working in the military. Little did we know that in 2018, we’d be welcoming our son into the world. It was not exciting news initially, but after we processed and put a solid plan together we became so overjoyed with this new bundle of joy. I now could not imagine my life without him, he feels ‘Right!’

2. What is your secret to a good relationship? How do you want to guide this little person in the world?

My son’s father and I have maintained a solid friendship and now partnership through great communication. He and I can discuss any and everything candidly. Maintaining respect for each other despite periodic difference of opinions has also helped us keep peace in our situation. Lastly, we take time to understand each others perspectives and this has helped us be patient with one another. This is how I plan to interact with my son, I want him to feel comfortable to talk and express himself candidly to his parents at all times. I want him to have an example of a successful partnership that he can carry on in his relationships.Maternity photography of an African American woman

3. Tell me about why you decided to have pregnancy photography taken by me, and why you trusted me to take these special photos.

I did a previous maternity photoshoot with another photographer and I felt the photos did not capture the beauty of me and my pregnancy. My partner wanted me to be happy so he did some research on top maternity photographers in Seattle and this is how we stumbled upon Jennifer Loomis. Once I viewed her portfolio I fell in love because I enjoyed how her photos captured the true beauty of pregnancy, the classic black and white images (timeless), the story her images told, and the overall professionalism of her work. I am greatly satisfied with my photoshoot with Jennifer!

4. Tell me what the experience was like to work with me, and anything special that you came away with or learned?

It was such a pleasure working with Jennifer because she has a way to make you feel comfortable taking photos in the nude. She celebrates the beauty of her clients and makes them feel secure. I appreciated how she really listened to what I wanted and did not want. With Jennifer being a mother herself, she understands what a pregnant woman wants and needs, this makes a difference as well. Also, Jennifer is very detailed and goes above and beyond to understand you as a person so she can capture your story in these images. The overall experience made me feel pampered. I definitely look forward to doing another shoot with my new edition.

Maternity photography of an African American woman5. Please feel free to include anything else you like that is interesting about you or your parenting philosophy. AKA books you read, or like whatever. I am particularly interested in how you and your partner navigate parenting from different cities.

Maternity photography of an African American woman

After having a child it truly gives perspective. Parenting is definitely a two person job in my opinion. Like the old saying goes “it takes a village.” My partner and I have set up a solid parenting arrangement while temporarily living in different cities. He comes in and out of town often, we use all technical platforms to communicate, and we just keep our patience in knowing that things will get easier soon. I also have tons of family in Seattle who I greatly rely on for support as well. Its a constant work in progress, but its working.

Maternity photography of a black woman Maternity photography of an African American womanMaternity photography of an African American woman Maternity photography of an African American womanMaternity photography of a black womanMaternity photography of a black woman


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