Picking the best baby bottles can be an incredibly exhausting process and there’s many factors to consider – materials, function, and whether or not your baby even likes them! It’s best to get a few different kinds of bottles and try each one once your sweet newborn arrives to gauge their preference.

Photo by @SuperTunk on Instagram, shared via @comotomobaby

  1. Comotomo

    Whenever Comotomo makes a product, they live by their motto of making it “better than good” – this means no cutting corners and always delivering the very best. For their cutting-edge baby bottle, they placed smart, non-leaking dual air-vents to prevent colic, made a truly wide-neck design for easy cleaning, and used a hygienic silicone material so that you never have to worry about toxic chemicals.

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  2. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

    At Dr. Brown’s, their focus has always been to create innovative baby products to promote good health and optimal nutrition. Their bottles help reduce spit-up, burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles, help preserve vitamins C, A & E by minimizing oxidation of breastmilk and formula, and provide vacuum-free feeding similar to breastfeeding.

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  3. Philips Avent

    The Philips Avent Natural baby bottle is designed for moms who want to combine breast and bottle feeding. The breast-shaped nipple provides a natural latch and mimics the feeling of a breast, allowing your baby to easily switch between breast and bottle.

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  4. Tommee Tippee

    Similar to the Philips Avent Natural bottle, each of Tommee Tippee’s feeding bottles are designed to mimic the natural flex, stretch and movement of mom’s breast. Plus, their advanced anti-colic bottle offers the latest anti-colic technology combined with their award-winning breast-like nipple.

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  5. NUK

    NUK is a part of the Gerber family of design and has worked for over 50 years to design the highest quality products that are innovative and scientifically-proven to support safe and healthy development. They offer a wide variety of bottles for all of your needs.Photo by Frankie Hall, shared via @mam_usa


  6. MAM

    Since 1976, it has been MAM’s primary objective to support the individual development of each child in the best way possible and to make day-to-day baby care easier for parents. Sustainable, responsible trading is also of utmost importance to them. They have two bottle offerings: Anti-Colic which offers an easy switch between Mom and MAM, and the Easy Active that provides a top-quality drinking bottle with a unique design. 

Ultimately, it’s key to experiment and see which bottle your baby is most naturally drawn to. We hope this list gets you started along your bottle feeding journey!