In the last 5 years, I’ve shared story after story of incredible, inspiring women that I’ve had the honor of photographing with my fine art maternity photography in my “Mother of the Month” series. I give them a set of questions to answer, guiding them through the telling of their very special and unique stories of motherhood. Today, I’ve gathered links and imagery from the 10 most popular, most read Mother of the Month features over the last 5 years! Enjoy.

1. Jessica T.

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Jessica Trufant is the wife of Marcus Trufant, former Seattle Seahawks player. Jessica is an amazing mother to now five kids, four girls and a boy – this popular shoot was documenting her fifth and final pregnancy.

2. Trisha

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Trisha started with fine art maternity photography back in 2012 in New York and came to me for her second pregnancy and for all her family photography.

Trisha was a huge influence on me when I was considering, more like waffling back and forth about whether or not I should have a baby. I am an older mom; I wasn’t sure I could handle it; I wasn’t sure I would make it. But I did, and I am indebted to Trisha for her wisdom, kindness and grace.

3. Carey

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Carey came to my San Francisco studio for a maternity photoshoot with her husband Ryan. I immediately knew I was going to like her because of this amazing headdress that she brought to be photographed in. What was more amazing was that her friends and family gave this to her knowing how much she would love it. Carey felt so spiritual as a mother, that I knew she was going to be a Mother of the Month. 

This image launched my project called Sacred Mother where I explore the psychological aspects of pregnancy and motherhood.

4. Michelle

It was important to me to share my work of my wonderful client and now friend Michelle Seelig. Michelle and I met when she came to me pregnant with her twins for fine art maternity photography. She has come back every year for family photography since then. I love working with her and her family. Every year I think, “How can I top what I did last year?” So I ask Michelle what she wants and she just shakes her head and says just do your thing. And I do. There is always something magic that happens during our photography session.

5. Hillary

Fine Art Maternity Photography

I met Hillary because she won a maternity photography session AND I found out that she had called us seven years prior to have photography of her first pregnancy. She was so genuinely happy and positive, I knew she had to be my Mother of the Month.

6. Minnie

Fine Art Maternity Photography

I met Minnie in our fine art maternity photography session. I knew immediately she was going to be a Mother of the Month because I was so inspired by her. She was beautiful, creative, excited about her pregnancy, pregnancy photography and having a baby – and like me, she decided to have her baby with her boyfriend before getting married.

7. Iris

Fine Art Maternity Photography

As a Seattle family photographer, I meet, observe and photograph many mothers. I love that part of my job because these women teach me so much about being a woman and being a mother. I met Iris a long time ago and was impressed with her candor and her love for her daughter. She is also an amazing mother to observe as she interacted with her daughter. She was loving and she was fierce. Every time I see her and Elizabeth it is like seeing old friends. What a gift it is to be able to watch both of them grow!

8. Shannon

I was so happy to feature longtime client Shannon Siegfried as a Mother of the Month. We compiled a bunch of images to share from her maternity sessions along with some great family photos.

9. Jessica B.

My San Francisco client Jessica Benetti started with professional maternity photography when she was pregnant with her daughter Aria back in 2005, a miracle baby that brought much joy into her life. Then she reinvited me back into her life to photograph her daughter and family ten years later.

10. Dalysh

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Dalysh was a working mom who moved to Seattle from Puerto Rico to work at Amazon. She and her husband are a cute couple who started dating in high school. Now they have fast paced professional jobs and are living the dream here in Seattle! I feel so grateful that they chose me to be both their Seattle maternity photographer and their family photographer.

Which of these shoots is your personal favorite? If you’re considering hiring a fine art maternity photographer, I’d love to connect and answer any questions you may have.