If you’re new parents moving to Seattle, Washington, here is my list of tips that may come in handy to help you brave Seattle’s wet, rainy winters.

Dress Accordingly

In Seattle, we say there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. If you are new to Seattle, it is time to get some warm rain gear, and some fleece.

Because the weather can change so quickly, packing extra layers, rain boots and other rain gear is so important, especially when you add kiddos into the mix. I also keep a backup stash in my car like an extra raincoat, dry socks (I recommend wool), and warm shoes to change into if anyone gets wet.  It’s fine to use cotton clothes, but wool or other wicking material is much better. My old hiking buddy used to say “cotton kills, Jen!”, and would reprimand me if I wasn’t wearing wool on our hikes. 

If you are traipsing about in the city, dress in an extra layer and something waterproof. My mantra is wool socks and waterproof shoes, these will come in handy and make you happy, almost every day in the winter.  

When Wet, Drink Coffee and/or Take a Warm Shower

Seattle has a dull drizzle most of our winter days so unless you are in the weather for hours like when you are hiking, you won’t get drenched, but you will get damp and cold. Seattle also has a lot of coffee places. You could walk about trying each one. But a warm beverage will really help you heat up your insides. Once you had all the caffeine you can handle, and you are home, immediately hop in a warm shower or sauna to help your body temperature return to normality. Get in some dry clothes (yes warm wool) and curl up near the fireplace or heater, if you have one!

Wash Your Hands

In the wet weather, it’s a bit easier to catch a common cold or virus, so be sure to always wash your hands whenever you have a transition from place to place, use a little hotter water and a scrub a little longer than usual.

Invest in a Nice Stroller

Most strollers come with rain guards to keep your little one dry during a rainy day walk. Investing in a nicer stroller with durability is a wise decision. Kids usually love getting out in the weather, and a good stroller can pay dividends as you embrace your new climate. 

I loved my BOB stroller because it could go anywhere.

Don’t Forget the Sunblock

Even when it’s a winter wonderland outside your door, the rays can still be harmful when not properly handled – be sure you still lather your kiddo in sunscreen to ensure that the sun doesn’t harm their skin during all months of the year. I used Badger brand or Think Baby. 

Seattle has so much to offer and I know you’ll love it here. I moved here 20 years ago,  to pursue my career as a fine art family photographer and never looked back. Keep these tips handy as you’re adjusting to our unique weather conditions and you’ll be set!

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