There are so many fabulous resources for expecting mothers out there, and I’m happy to contribute with my own resources I’ve shared on this blog over the years in one easy place to reference and bookmark for later.

1. Survival Goods for the Fourth Trimester

Fine Art Maternity Photographer

As a fine art maternity photographer for 15 years, I didn’t fully understand what my photography clients needed after they had their baby – until I had my son Morrison. In this post, I listed a few of the things that I found the most useful after I gave birth.

2. Introducing Morrison Hart Loomis-Jonas (My Birth Story)

Fine Art Maternity Photographer

My son, Morrison Hart Loomis-Jonas came into the world in July 2014… after I labored for 40 hours. Yep, you read that right – 40 HOURS. I share my birth story in this post for mothers-to-be who are curious about the process when things don’t quite go the way you had hoped (because they never really do) and how you will make it out on the other side just fine.

3. Motherhood Changed Me in Ways I Never Expected (and I Was Ready)

When you have a baby, it’s safe to say that your life changes… dramatically. Both in entirely beautiful and entirely stressful ways. I became pregnant at 46 with the help of a fertility doctor. In this post, I shared the many different ways my life changed after baby in ways I never expected.

4. Five Reasons to Hire a Doula

If you’re thinking of hiring a doula, this article is for you. I asked a local Seattle Doula and founder of Thresholds,  Amity Kramer, to give us the straight story.

5. Resources for Parents Who Have Lost a Child

When I heard the news that a sweet woman working where I had a large show of my maternity and family work lost her baby after a healthy pregnancy, I was reeling. So, I reached out to the Columbia City Stroller Brigade Facebook Group, and this hive had some fantastic resources. This post is a roundup of some of the best.

6. How to Choose a Maternity Photographer

Fine Art Maternity Photographer

Most pregnancy photo shoots happen 6 to 8 weeks from your due date, so there’s almost no room for error if you don’t like the finished result or the photographer makes a mistake. It may be tough, if not impossible to schedule a re-shoot before the baby’s birth. That means, you should hire the right person from your list of fine art pregnancy photographers the first time around! I put together five tips to help in this post.

7. How to Make Better Photos with Your Camera Phone

I taught a class to a bunch of mommies and asked them what they wanted to learn. How to make better photos with their camera phone, they all said. There are a few notes from the class in this tutorial post!

8. Looking for a Newborn Photographer? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Fine Art Maternity Photographer

Twenty years ago I was a photojournalist and then quit traveling and turned those skills towards the studio and working with moms and babies as a fine art family photographer. Many people ask me about photography and I came up with some – hopefully useful – tips to help you narrow it down.

9. The Best Baby Bottles Around: 6 of Our Ultimate Favorites

Picking the best baby bottles can be an incredibly exhausting process and there’s many factors to consider – materials, function, and whether or not your baby even likes them! I rounded up a selection of 6 of my favorites for your enjoyment.

10. Ask An Expert: Breastfeeding – One Breast or Two?

Fine Art Maternity Photographer

Breastfeeding expert, Renee Beebe, M. ED., IBCLC, Lactation Consultant in Seattle was our guest specialist for this blog post. Renee is the owner of The Second9Months, and has been serving pregnant women in Puget Sound for more than 20 years.

I hope these resource posts came in handy as you prepare to begin the journey of motherhood! Stay tuned for new resources coming soon.