My passion for photography started at a young age, it gave me a successful career that I love. Today you often see kids can be glued to their devices but how about you try giving them a camera and teaching your kids photography! Have them looking up and out at the world instead of down at a screen.

Photography can be a great bonding activity. It can also be opportunity to engage with your kids to show them how to be present in the moment. Grab a camera or cell phone and challenge them to create. Here are some tips to get your little shutterbug started! Let’s teach them photography and how to look at the world with new eyes. 

Tips for teaching kids photography
  1. Start with an inexpensive camera that won’t break the bank if it gets dropped or forgotten.
  2. Make it engaging for your kids by making it into a scavenger hunt for pics of different things in a park or the city.
  3. Practice safety and teach your kids to be aware of their surroundings on bike paths, streets and not getting too close to bodies of water. [Also be sure to ask permission to take someone’s picture and not to approach animals they don’t know without permission.]
  4. Treat it as a team activity and bring your camera as well and ask them their opinion on a shot that you take and show them some of the controls on the camera.
  5. Print off some of their work and hang it up in their room. 
  6. Have them take a picture for every letter in the alphabet or their favorite color. 
  7. For kids that are 10+ start teaching them techniques around the rule of thirds, negative space, and leading lines.
  8. Ask them how you should take a shot, and praise them for their advice. 
  9. Go to fun places like the zoo, or your local botanical gardens. 
  10. Have them explain why they took a photo that way to help them with their reasoning and to encourage them to think of themselves as artists. 

Remember kids are like sponges and soak up knowledge and praise. Art helps kids learn to express themselves in a healthy way. Ask them what emotions they want to capture in a photo and encourage them to take photos of family members. While this may not keep them off their devices for long, you never know what little creative seeds you are planting! 



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