I look forward to meeting you. The location of our parking lot is a little tricky for those coming for the first time, so I have included the directions and some photos to help.

Inscape Arts and Cultural Building (look for the Shell Station), 815 Seattle Blvd South, Seattle, WA 98134 

I am in Studio #324

Call or text with questions, 206.329.4772

Seattle Boulevard South is a very short block. A couple of visual markers. Our front door looks out on the Shell Station that is in a triangular lot. You can also see Uwajimaya the Japanese grocery store. INSCAPE is the light brick historical building that faces both Shell and Uwajimaya. 

Free visitor parking is available behind the building in a parking lot that accessed off of 6th Ave South. (HINT The best way to find this lot is to Google Big Johns PFI.) Come down the driveway and then once the lot opens up, turn to your right and park along the concrete wall with the front of your car facing the back of our building. 

Walk to the stairs that take you to the upper parking lot behind the building. The gate code is 1354. Once in the gate, please come to the large iron door. Please call me and I will come down, let you in and help you up to our studio. There is an elevator and handicapped access for anyone who needs it. 

If you are arriving via taxi or public transportation, you can arrive at the loading zone in the front of the building on Seattle Blvd South.  At the front doors to the left, there is a call box. Look for LOOMIS, J. and it will call the studio and then we can let you in. The elevator is to your right.  Come up to the third floor and we are just to the left as you come out of the elevator. 

I look forward to seeing you!

Jennifer and Sarah


Aerial View of the building

Aerial view of the Inscape Building and the location of the parking lot

The entrance to the back parking lot is here off of 6th.