For our expecting readers, below are five tips from award-winning pregnancy and family photographer Jennifer Loomis on how to make the best choices when selecting a pregnancy photographer:

1) Look for Experience – The photographer should either have extensive experience with or specialize in pregnancy photography, in order to obtain the most flattering poses for a pregnant woman’s body.

2) Consider Artistry and Personality – Finding someone whose work you love and whom you want to work with is key to capturing beautiful images of your pregnancy. Also look for redundant images on the artist’s website which indicates a lack of creative artistry.

3) Ask for Referrals – If you weren’t personally referred by someone who has used the photographer and can recommend his or her work, ask for several referrals to contact. These may be already posted on the photographer’s website.

4) Start to Finish – Ask if the photographer will be thoroughly involved in the editing and photo selection process; this represents about one half of your cost. The photographer should expertly guide you to the best and most unique photos, plus offer suggestions for cropping and finishes.

5) Get Technical – Ask if the photographer uses film or digital. Ask if they do their printing and image preparation. At Jennifer Loomis Photography we offer special and unique dark room prints have a superior archival quality over digital prints. Film is more expensive, but the quality and longevity is worth it, so you can pass the images down through the generations.