Feel Beautiful – Why pregnancy photography can be therapeutic?

I will never forget when I became pregnant. Pregnancy photography had been my work and my art for 15 years.  I saw my body started to change. I was growing this person inside of me. All of a sudden, I was in front of the camera. It was magical and scary. My body was no longer mine. As a pregnancy photographer, I HAD to do pregnancy photography, right? Of course I did it. It was a strange and empowering experience. I was usually on the other side of the camera. I felt so vulnerable, I felt so beautiful, I wanted the photographer to capture this –– I was afraid she wouldn’t.

Being connected with your body and the baby growing inside during pregnancy (and even during pregnancy photography) can be a challenge. Either you don’t have time because you are running around with your job and children, or you may feel like you are out of control. Pregnancy pushes us on all levels.

Pregnancy photography is one way to pause, focus on your baby, take some time out for yourself and see your own beauty, often for the first time.

The four trimesters of my pregnancy captured in pregnancy photography

The Four Trimesters of my Pregnancy

Over the years I have been in business as a pregnancy photographer, many mothers have come to me because they don’t like their bodies and really want to. It is natural for feelings to arise within us as our bodies expand and grow. These women had heard about the therapeutic affects of a session with me, even been referred by their doula, midwife or Obgyn. Bravely they made the appointment, and had an unforgettable experience. They later told me they felt beautiful.

Feel Beautiful became my tag line because I believe all women deserve to feel beautiful, and especially pregnant women who should be empowered in their beauty and strength as they undergo the next life transition to mother.

What you can expect from me and your pregnancy photography session.

When I work with a pregnant mother I meet her where she is during our several meetings and our pregnancy photography session.

Step One of a pregnancy photography session

I invite her into the studio (or schedule a video call) several weeks before the photography session so she can learn about me and how I work. We look at lots of photographs. We discuss what nudity means and her comfort level so she feels safe knowing that she is in control. We talk about life as a mother, and her dreams.

Jennifer Loomis meeting with a pregnancy photography clientStep Two of a pregnancy photography session

The next meeting is the day of her pregnancy photography session. We sit and have a cup of tea and look at more photographs. I want to know how she is feeling in her body, again, because things can change over night.

I start each pregnancy photography session with a simple yoga and breathing exercise to get both of us grounded, but also to allow her to remove distractions and create space for the next few hours so she can focus on herself, her baby and her beautiful body.

The session is more than just pregnancy photography. My mission is to empower each mother to see her beauty and stand in her strength, and after she leaves, she will move into this new transition knowing herself more intimately. She will also have an amazing keepsake from this special nine months.

Step Three of a pregnancy photography session

Each pregnancy photography session comes with a final meeting with me to review your images and conceptualize what the final piece or pieces will be for your wall and your home. I can guide you through the images and what I see, how to see the light, how we can possibly crop something to improve it and what edits and enhancements I  suggest for the final print.

Step Four of a pregnancy photography session

Delivery of your images. You unwrap your images and see what we made together. You glow as you look at beautiful you. You and your baby will love these fine art pieces of work, I promise.

I look forward to working with you.



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