Your Pregnancy Photography Experience

My process

Step One: Come meet me at my studio – See to the environment, look at special images that aren’t online, touch print and framing samples, albums and proof boxes, check out the props and fabrics we have, discuss what you would like to do during the session. Get to know me.

Step Two: Schedule your session either in your home or my Seattle studio – NOTE: If you are doing a Day-In-The-Life session, those are done at a prearranged location. For my Chinese clients, I can visit you if you have just had your baby and it is within the first 100 days.

Step Three: Your Pregnancy, Newborn or Family Photography Session – You will have received a confirmation email that tells you how to prepare for the big day including what to bring, where we are located and parking, and much much more to help this day be as stress-free as possible. For my Chinese clients, I do the newborn session in your home if it is within the first 100 days.

Step Four: Your Ordering Session – This is a custom session done at your home or in my studio to help finalize your favorites, discuss the different cropping and enhancing options, and figure out what final form you want the images to be. I have 20 years of experience editing and creating photo collages

Step Five: Delivery of your items  Your items are delivered and we schedule a time to help hang them on the wall for you, if you need this service.

Your PreGnancy Photography session

As a professional photographer, my pregnancy photography work is deeply personal to me. I have dedicated my entire career to give pregnant women a platform for society to gaze at this beautiful shape. This culminated in my award-winning book, Portraits Of Pregnancy: The Birth Of A Mother, and a retrospective show in Italy in 2011.

Your session will be fun, collaborative, and creative. I encourage you to think about what you want this session to be about. What has your pregnancy meant to you? What moments do you treasure with your partner, child or children?  I am a mother and know how fleeting these moments are. I know how difficult it can be to get pregnant, or have a baby.

When To Schedule Your Pregnancy Photography session:

I recommend scheduling your session 6-10 weeks before your due date. If that seems too early then I trust you, but don’t wait too long. I actually had a client actually come in on her due date and went into labor that night.

Tips for a successful Pregnancy Photography Session:

  • Schedule your photography session on a day when you will be relaxed, try not to make too many appointments before or after.
  • Two hours before your session, remove anything with elastic to prevent strap marks from appearing on your skin.
  • Eat a light snack before the shoot. Please make sure your children have eaten as well. Bring snacks.
  • Make-up should look and feel natural. I have professional makeup artists who work with me in all my studios. Please inquire. Or if you’re on a budget, schedule a makeover at the closest Bobbi Brown counter. They emphasize the natural fresh look, which I think looks best.
  • Too much jewelry can be distracting. Bring only the special, treasured pieces.
  • Feel free to bring anything that you want to include in the photograph to make it special. Scarves, veils, headdresses, flowers, pets, other children, clothing items are all examples of what previous clients have brought to our session.
  • Solid colored clothes are always best for photographing larger groups of people. Remember to bring both dark and light maternity skirts, pants, cardigans, and long and short-sleeved shirts, blouses and sweaters.  We provide freshly laundered fabrics for your use.

Your Family Photography Session

Your family is special and my goal is to capture this uniqueness, the different relationships and the fun that you have together.

My family photography sessions include the entire family as well as individuals of the children, the children together and if there is time and good energy, each parent with the children. Please bring the grandparents and we will do special images with them, as well.

My goal is to make not only great portraits, but also to create something unique and whimsical that captures your family.

When To Schedule Your Family Photography Session

Newborns: Schedule within two-four weeks of their birth depending on birth weight.

Babies: Schedule between 4-10 months before they start to crawl (my son never crawled so I photographed him at 10 months old).

Toddlers: Anytime is great, and I love two-year-olds!

Grandparents: Please invite them to come along. These will be special images as your children grow older.

Tips for a successful Family Photography Session

  • Schedule your photo session at a time when you or your children will be relaxed, well rested and in the best mood. We find that children are usually at their best in the morning before 12, but everyone is different. Please don’t stack up school, appointments and soccer games on the day of your session. Keep in mind that children get tired, and we want them to be at their best.
  • Have everyone eat a light snack before the shoot,
  • Solid colored dark clothes, especially bottoms, are always best for photographing larger groups of people. I recommend solid dark colors (like navy, dark green, black, dark gray and even a dark red), on parents, grandparents and older children. Light colors on children under 4. No clothes on babies. Why? This is so that the faces and exposed skin like arms are the focus. Please, no clothes with words and branding as they can be distracting in photographs.
  • Please also bring light-colored shirts so we have options,
  • Bring that special stuffed animal or tutu. I want these photos to represent you, your child and family,
  • Make-up should look and feel natural,
  • Women consider not wearing a bra two hours beforehand to prevent marks from the bra straps if photographs are to be taken with the bare shoulders and the baby,
  • Bring the babies and children’s favorite toys to help entertain them
  • If the shoot is in your home, we need a larger room with nice available light (no skylights). Only the family and nannies should be present to prevent distractions

for clients coming in from out of town

If you are visiting from another city or country, please let us help you learn about the city. From accommodations close to the studio, spa treatments or pregnancy services, Jennifer has lived and worked in Seattle, SF and NY for 20 years and knows most of the community that helps pregnant women. If you are looking for a restaurant recommendation as well, Jennifer has favorites in all cities. Just ask.

We do ask that you get your doctor’s permission if you are traveling in your third trimester.

A big thank you to our clients who have made the trek from Australia, China, England, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Oregon, and Texas.

handmade one-of-a-kind products


I believe we and the world needs less stuff.  Hence all of our products are handmade specially for you. We use local craftspeople and printers to help support small businesses in our communities. We offer custom museum framing, handmade photo albums, and photo boxes. And I personally oversee your prints all the way until they hang on your walls.

I have a 100% guarantee. If you aren’t happy, we reshoot, reprint or redo.

Creative Fees and Session Options

I offer single or multiple photo session options to capture your pregnancy, your newborn and your baby and help you build your photo wall.

Please call or email for current pricing and options and availability. Custom options are available for those clients working with specific budgets. To help me help you with your session, please visit our questionnaire by clicking on Book A Session.

To provide the best experience, I limit the number of clients I accept every month. I can also travel to your location.

Please plan ahead. I do travel between SF, NY, and Seattle, and while I will make do my best to accommodate every request, my schedule books up about 6-8 weeks in advance.

Thank you!