Maternity and family photographer in Seattle, San Francisco & New York City


Photo by Katie Thompson. Jennifer wears Morrison while at Seattle Family Photography’s monthly happy hour.

Jennifer believes in making a difference like making contributions to building a better community or allowing women to see themselves in a new way. She recycles, makes art for her friends, uses energy saver bulbs, volunteers to take care of babies if the mom needs a break, and doesn’t water her lawn. Jen got started on her own with little cash but a lot of passion for the beauty of the pregnant body. Her grandfather’s words hang above her desk in Seattle “Work hard, do good work and be honest.” She adds to those wise words “And try to make a difference.”


From Jennifer….

Things I am proud of:

Starting my nonprofit to help foster children get professional photos

Making a difference in someone’s life no matter how small

Someone important in the art world once called me the pioneer of maternity photography.

I have worked full time as a professional photographer for almost 25 years except the two years my son was an infant when I worked part-time often wearing him during sessions.

I have a Masters in photojournalism and still consider myself a story teller.

I have lived in Seattle for 20 years, longer than anywhere else. I have lived in South Dakota, Missouri, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Kansas, Tennessee, California, Japan, and Singapore.

I speak Japanese.

I have been to Burning Man.

I am a mom to a four-year old boy.

I have been in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Sunset Magazine, on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Today Show, Good Morning America, and a bunch of other websites. It was fun, for a while.

I turned down Bravo to be on Pregnant and In Heels five times.

I had a retrospective show of my maternity work in Perugia, Italy in a castle that was in the town next to the only known fresco of a pregnant Madonna (Madonna Del Parto). (Thanks Rosella!)

I have been tear-gassed and know what to do.

I meditate.

I have a garden.

I got my first referrals from Annie Liebovitz, but don’t know her.

I covered the Hutu Tutsi reintegration projects in Rwanda for CARE.

I love working with women and empowering them. It gets me up in the morning.

I love watching soccer games especially The World Cup.

If I have a cocktail, I prefer a Negroni neat.

I don’t like pears. I make bread. I have great parking karma.

My undergraduate degree is in International Relations and I loved studying everything about the Pacific Rim. My minor was in Asian Studies.

I like skinny dipping and spent one summer leading the Skinny Dipping Alpine Club up mountains in the Cascades to cold alpine lakes.

I love cats, but have a dog.

I like to surf but don’t like big waves.

My grandfather started an insurance company, and I live by his words “Know your customer, Do Good Work, and Be Honest”

I love my mom.

I paid for the groceries of the man in front of me because his benefits hadn’t come through on his card and he clearly needed the food.

Adopt A Child Photography

I started a nonprofit to connect foster children with professional photographers so they could have high-quality professional profile photos which would help them find their forever family. I was looking to adopt and was horrified at the awful photos of these children.

I grew up going to Powwows and Sundances but I am not Native American.

I read War and Peace and loved it.

I walked solo across Spain on the Camino De Santiago.

I have always wanted to play the guitar but can’t find time to practice.

I really do want to make pregnant women feel beautiful.