Photo Organizing

It all started with plea from a long-time photography client of mine:

“Jen, I have thousands of photos from all these photographers everywhere on my computer, in links and on CDs. What am I going to do with all these photos? I don’t have time to look through them. What in the world am I going to do with all these photos?”

Shannon hires photographers to capture her major family events. But, four kids and nine years later, she had a problem. Shannon was drowning in photographs of her kids – and the digital images were everywhere.

I offered to help, and the concept of Photo Organzation was born.

Shannon needed help with the thousands of personal and professional photographs she had collected. So I curated all of her family’s visual assets and worked with her architects and interior designers to tell the story of her family on her walls, on her shelves and in her albums.

My Photo Organization Service

My Photo Organization services help you curate all of your family’s visual assets, from cell phone photos to professional photos. Photo Organization is about helping clients who love photography of their family and love their family but don’t have the time to curate or organize it. My team and I make it a painless process to get those fantastic photo memories ready for you. I work with my clients to edit photos and make final print selections. I curate the images into your desired keepsake, albums, or framed prints for their walls and other areas of the house. Contact me for a custom estimate.

How It Works:

  1. Personal phone call with me where we discuss what you want to do. How many photos do you have from photography sessions with me or others, cameraphones, on hard-drives and other images you have acquired?  You tell us your most important memories and moments and what are your desired deliverables.  (15-30min)  
  2. Custom estimate created. This may include gift prints, framed photographs, custom albums, site visits to the home where the framed pieces will hang, meetings with your architect designing your home, projector session to enlarge images for a custom location like over the fireplace.  
  3. Gather & store your photos privately and securely. We can help gather every single photo from all different sources and store them securely on our servers (not on the Cloud) in our studio either short term, while we work on the project, or long-term for a monthly fee. 
  4. We select the best. Edit, pare down and curate images you’ve sent to our secure servers.    
  5. You select your favorites. You receive a password-protected online gallery of the absolute best images for you to review and select your favorites.  
  6. Final pieces determined. Personal meeting with me and my team. We meet at my studio or the residence that will be displaying the images or albums. On-site meetings are preferred to understand the flow and the light of the space and evaluate placement of final pieces. I am also available to work directly with your architect and interior designer. (2-5 hrs) 
  7. We take care of everything. We create your desired keepsakes be they custom prints,  custom framed favorite images, and design custom albums. You can rest knowing that your family’s visual assets are being curated into family heirlooms for your grand children and great grandchildren. 

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