Maternity Testimonials

“When I heard that my closest friends were pregnant with their first child, I knew I wanted to do something special for them. I mulled over lots of traditional “baby gift” ideas, but they just weren’t inspiring. It came to me when I heard my friend say how beautiful his wife looked during the pregnancy. I thought… we have to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment with a photo session.

Jennifer Loomis working The key was the photographer. I went online and found lots of uninspiring options that weren’t doing the trick. It was only when I came across Jennifer’s website with samples of her work, that I knew I’d found the right photographer and I knew that this gift was going to be a hit.

Her photographs are works of art and had so many wonderful elements to them. Honesty, vulnerability, a sense of humor…but what struck me most was that every single woman looked absolutely beautiful.

I knew from talking to my friend and soon-to-be-mom that she didn’t always feel her sexiest while being pregnant and taking a photograph of herself at this stage in her life might be intimidating. But to her credit, she went for it and to this day says it is one of the highlights of her pregnancy.

She told me that she never felt more beautiful or sexy than the day she took the photos.. My friend gave all the credit to Jennifer. She said she went in a bit uptight but by the time she left she said she felt as good about herself as ever.

They ended up ordering several photos. One for each set of parents, one for themselves and one for their soon-to-be born son.

Without question, I think it’s one of the best gifts ever given and best gifts ever received. I can’t recommend it highly enough. These type of moments come round once-in-a-lifetime. Go for it.”

Photograph of a pregnant mother“Jennifer Loomis is magical. Her photographs are exceptional-capturing the beauty, emotion, and power of all of her subjects, and always speak volumes for themselves. But in addition to being an extraordinary photographer and innovator in her field, Jennifer is a kind, hilarious, powerful, open, and hugely inspiring woman. Even the most camera shy woman or child will find themselves opening up, blossoming and feeling beautiful in front of Jennifer. Her energy is disarming and her positive attitude is contagious. I was lucky enough to be given a photo shoot with her when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter four years ago. It was a transformative, healing experience for me and I left feeling so good about my pregnant body and myself. Jennifer has since photographed my family and our two children at many stages of our life. We feel so honored to have shared our journey with her, and the photographs that fill our home bring me joy on an hourly basis. As my children grow, I am ecstatic (and comforted) to have Jennifer’s work to document each phase of their life. I could write and write trying to articulate exactly the gift that she has given our family and it would always fall short. She has something… something that I cannot explain…. something wonderful and contagious and beautiful, magical, unusual and priceless. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Lauren Scout, Pacifica, CA

“Our experience with Jennifer was a delight; from the first moment I spoke to her about making an appointment, to receiving our beautiful photographs as a finished product. The photo shoot itself was a genuinely enjoyable experience, which is quite remarkable for me as I have spent most of my life avoiding photographs wherever possible. Around the time of the shoot, I was seeing the development of my daughter’s intense curiosity about the world, as well as her growing independence in starting to sit up and figure out that she could do things on her own. Jennifer instantly connected with her on the day and as a result, I think these photos really capture the curiosity and self-aware cheekiness of my daughter at that very special time. We left the studio feeling happy, energized and most importantly, connected as a new family.

We even had a little ‘unveiling party’ for ourselves when the prints were delivered. It was such a great treat to unwrap each framed image and see how beautifully they turned out. By the time we were finished, we both had big silly grins on our faces as we remembered how much fun it had been. They are all wonderful and I especially love the triptych that I designed with Jennifer for my husband; it will always remind me of the overwhelming love and delight that our daughter has brought to us.

Jennifer has a rare insight, allowing her to capture on film that which we may find difficult to express ourselves; those most precious moments in life when we know – ‘I am loved’. I sincerely hope that we have the chance to work together with Jennifer again in the future. It was truly a pleasure, and I wish her all the best in her incredible career that captures the beauty of families.”

“Dear Jennifer, Is the beautiful 37 week pregnant woman in those pictures really me? To call them pictures is not an accurate description — they’re art. Thank you for sharing your special talent with us. You have given our family a wonderful gift by magically capturing the hope and the love Tim and I felt at such an exciting time in our lives. Your work is amazing and we are grateful.”

“I searched the internet looking for the right person to go to. I didn’t care that I had to fly from Chicago because if I was going to do this, then I wanted to do it with the best. You are simply the best.”

Landscape Series, 2012 Tara, 27 weeks. IVF

“As an Asian woman, I was impressed with Jennifer because much of her work included Asian women. The shoot was fun because she really focused on the maternity. She made photos that were fairly discreet but at the same time revealed the shape of my body. I am comfortable in putting them in my home. I like her work because she presents pregnant women in a soft painterly and artistic way. Her images are classic and classy.”

“Jennifer makes you feel like you’re the prettiest woman she has ever photographed.”

“Thank you so much for working with me. Even though I was nervous going in, I always knew I wanted to some sort of artistic photography of my pregnancy. Thanks for being so low-key and helping me feel comfortable. I think your work is going to help define and accurately reflect just how excited Henry and I are to start our family. Henry is going to love this work by both of us.”

Greene_2004“We flew over 2,000 miles just to have Jennifer take pictures of my pregnant wife. It was the best decision we ever made. My wife was a little nervous at first, but Jennifer made it seem like we were long lost friends. This was an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives. If I could only say one word to sum up Jennifer it would be PASSION. I have never met someone who is more passionate about what they do for a living. It certainly comes across in her work. Thanks!”

“Images like these have really changed how I perceived my pregnant form. Thank you!”

“I was on such a high after leaving your studio that even if the photos didn’t turn out, it was still worth it.”

“This was good for the soul.”

“I had such a great experience with Jennifer, I flew back from St. Louis to be photographed again. I recommend her to everyone I see. Every woman should do this!”

maternityI love the photographs, I just love them! This is the special keepsake I was looking for. These are works of art.”

“This has been a difficult pregnancy for me, when Jennifer photographed me, it was the first time I felt beautiful. I now see my body in a new way, and that is priceless.”

“Thank you for coming to photograph me and my family. I was really looking for a special way of celebrating my third, and last, pregnancy. I researched many photographers, but I kept coming back to you because your photos are just so beautiful. Although it was a luxury for us, I am so glad we did this. It was such a positive experience for me that I am still glowing a week later! I am grateful for the quiet time I had to focus on my baby, and I really thanked my body for all that it has done for me. You really understood what the experience meant to me. “

“Jen, thank you. Denise can’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed the shoot; she’s glowing, even more than usual. She does indeed feel beautiful, as she should. I too had a lovely time. It was something we won’t soon forget.”

Rachel and JakeI love the photographs! I can’t believe it! I love them! My husband will tell you that I am very picky about the way I look in pictures. The first time I had photographs taken of my pregnancy I wasn’t happy with the way they turned out. I thought I looked huge and so when my husband wanted me to do it again, I said no way, I didn’t want to look and feel terrible again. But he showed me your work and so I thought OK I will try it one more time. I felt beautiful, like a model. You really knew not only how to make me look beautiful, but also you made me feel beautiful, and when you are pregnant, that feeling is priceless.”

“I finally got around to having the beautiful photographs you took of me framed. Well, it is more than I imagined! The photographs moved me before, but now that they are framed and on our walls, I love them even more. Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photographs of me and making me look so beautiful and having this wonderful gift to look at over and over again to remind me of my pregnancy and where Max started out.”

“You give the world eyes to see pregnant women and families.”

loomis_torsoStu absolutely loved them, as did I. So glad we chose you — your work is beautiful and the photo shoot was such a positive experience. Thank you so much!”

“This was definitely a luxury for us, but the two hours revealed that this was more than just a portrait session and we were more than just clients. Jennifer took her time to get to know us. During the photography I felt so relaxed, and when I watched Jennifer work, I realized that she is an experienced artist and was working hard to create a unique photograph that we would treasure. I could tell by the way she had me stand and move that her ten years of experience made a huge difference and that even I could be beautiful.”

“He loved it… and couldn’t stop smiling. It was really interesting to get his take on each photo. I saw them again in a whole different light (literally and figuratively). What a great gift. He loved it and I loved the experience.”

Jenny up higher“What a great experience! I felt so special. Jennifer made me feel so at ease and able to enjoy and embrace these few moments put aside to document this special time in our lives. It was so wonderful having her come to our home — especially since my ‘due date’ was just 11 days away! It was nice not to have another appointment to drive to, and I felt much more comfortable and relaxed being at home. What a great way to express this joy I feel about this little baby growing inside of me. And what a special gift to give this child — a memento of his/her prenatal life in mom’s big belly! I wish I knew what my mom looked like when she was pregnant with me! I think it will also convey to our child how much we anticipated his/her arrival and how special this baby was to us well before birth. To have my husband in some shots will be invaluable as well, as he is equally excited in this whole process and anticipation of having a baby. We thank you, Jennifer, for a fun and joyful experience and for the beautiful and creative works that will be enjoyed in our home for many years to come!”

5-TC-pregnancy-photographyIt was wonderful to meet you — you really put me at ease early on and I like that you have a fun sense of humor. What was so fun about our time together was that it was so artistic. I found myself getting into looking at the lines, light and shape of my body.”

“When you are that pregnant, it is hard to feel elegant or graceful with your stomach out there. Jennifer was able to present a special precious joyous moment in her pictures, something I was proud to have forever to capture that special time. I saw her photographs and thought “wow, that pregnant person looks elegant, Jennifer really captured her expression and the joy of that moment.” That’s when we decided we wanted to do it.”

“This was really outside my box, but I am totally glad that I did it.”

“I was clicking through your web-site. Wonderful is all I can say; absolutely wonderful. Mary and I are so glad we found you. You are truly great.”

2-maternity-portraitsHaving maternity photos taken by Jennifer was a very special experience for me. She has a special gift making her clients feel like friends, and she made me feel and look like a supermodel. I had an easy and fun pregnancy, but having her photograph me made me feel even more beautiful and excited about this baby. The pictures she took of Kira after she was born are just awesome, every single one of them!”

“This was something completely different for me, really daring. Initially I was concerned about nudity, but I felt so comfortable that I was open for anything. The entire afternoon was totally relaxed and I left Jennifer’s studio feeling so good about myself. And this has been a difficult pregnancy, I hadn’t felt any bonding taking place, I was physically sick, so I needed and wanted to feel good about this pregnancy. This was wonderful.”

“Jennifer, what drew me to you was not only that I really liked your work, but also I liked knowing that you have worked and photographed so many different populations of mothers around the world — from Kenyan and Rwandan women, to Japanese midwives and their clients.”

4-maternity-photographerIt is so rare for me to focus on my baby. I felt myself tearing up. I am so excited for her.”

“You made me feel so beautiful during my pregnancy.”

“It was a great experience. Jennifer made me feel at ease. I proudly display my pictures (art) in my room. I smile everytime I see them. What a great reminder of a joyous time in my life.”

“Jennifer – I showed the photos to my parents and they said that they belonged on a gallery wall.”

“Oh my god, we love them. I can’t believe that this photo is of me!”

It was great to meet you the other day. The experience farexceeded my expectations. Having Jeff there with me made it so special. We rarely make the time for ourselves like that with our crazy lives and six kids. Taking this moment to reflect on this baby in such a personal way was incredible. Jeff is a private person and I was giggling at how demonstrative and attentive he was with me…as if we were the only ones in the room. It must have been those slinky swatches you brought!

Hi Jennifer!
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience. I really enjoyed working with you. You have such a natural talent for putting people at ease and making them feel like a longtime friends. Rather than feeling self-conscious about my expanding waistline, you helped me to feel radiant and beautiful. What a special gift for my son-to be able to see the excitement and anticipation of his birth! We have already decided on coming back for his first photos.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

“I am so happy that we decided to have photos taken of my pregnancy. I have one hanging on the wall of the nursery and I look at it while I am nursing.”

Hi Jennifer,
It was a great experience working with you and I look forward to seeing you again in a few months with baby girl Stelben in tow.  You made me feel so comfortable and I appreciate that… you are awesome!!!   I’m looking forward to seeing the pic’s – although I have to admit I’m a bit nervous to see myself in the buff… so make sure you blur those pic’s good… ha ha.

Jenny, Sam, Michaela, NancyHi Jennifer!
We received the pictures and LOVE them!!  We are so happy with the choices we made.  I love the three we put together of Troy and I, and the two singles are my two favorite.  Who knew I’d end up loving the silouette….

Troy and I were commenting on how big we THOUGHT I was then nothing compared to how huge I am now!

The experience was so special and sureal.  Thank you for making both of us feel so welcome and comfortable.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do it again in a few years!

Great editHi Jennifer-
Scott and I LOVED our beautiful photos!  Everything was perfect. We are thrilled with the album and framed shots. So much so that we had to buy a few more. We are waiting for them to arrive.

Again, it was a pleasure working with you.  We hope to
have some family photos done in the future!  Our son,
Bradley, is gorgeous.

I was really impressed with the accepting and comfortable atmosphere everyone created at Jennifer’s studio. Taking photographs with kids aged 3 and 5 can be a handful and I was nervous about it. Jennifer and her staff were so accommodating and patient – it made me feel wonderful!

Happy trioYou were exceptionally patient with all of our requests. I we so appreciated your follow-up calls to see how we liked all of our frames.

I rediscovered “your words/thoughts to live by” included with our prints. Thank you for reminding me of thhe simple blessings we have to be thankful for and encouraging us all to strive for greatness. Your wisdom extends well beyond photography.

maternityWe love working with Jennifer. Everyone is friendly and efficient. I look forward to our shoots very much!

I loved that Jennifer selected her favorites during the edit session. It really helped us narrow it down.

It is great fun to see Jennifer at work. She is so talented at connecting images and finding the true gems.

I love her style, not so posey.

Jennifer was easy going even before we met in person so the whole experience was pleasurable from the first phone call to the end. She took her time with the pictures, had great ideas, but was also open to suggestions.

Jennifer made me feel comfortable in my skin.

Mother and daughterJennifer you are an amazingly warm person and a strong spirit. We all felt so comfortable.

Our session with Jennifer was such a nice quiet time for us to focus on the baby. We can’t believe how great the images are. They are hanging all over our house.

Jennifer made us both feel comfortable and especially me and my belly feel beautiful Her warm and cozy studio was a plus for comfort. One of the best memories I will ever have. Thank you for capturing this special moment of both of my children. I love my photos. They truly bring a smile to us every day.

The best part was how beautiful I felt afterwards. I felt the best about how I looked because of Jennifer.

I absolutely love, love loved every single one of my five shoots. I love every picture and have been telling all my friends about you. The pictures are sooo special and worth every penny.

I love Jennifer, she is a doll.

Jennifer Loomis working“To put it frankly, the thought of taking nude pregnancy photos made me a bit nervous. While I love and embrace what nature has done to my pregnant body (side note: My husband, Brad, calls my new body shape “Body by Brad”), I wasn’t sure if I was quite ready to put my newly acquired belly on view for the rest of the world. Driving over to the studio, I had my mind made-up, I was going to forgo the nude prego shots and instead work with body drapes. However, this magical thing happened once I stepped into the studio and met Jennifer: I instantly felt at ease with her. She made my shoot fun, emotional and above all liberating. If you want my two cents, a photo shoot with Jennifer should be a right of passage for every mom-to-be.”


Family testimonials

Little Newborn“After they have outgrown all the clothes and cast away all the toys, all that will be left are the photographs. Thank you! We love them.”

Thanks for the great photos. You had a great rapport with my boys. They loved you!

We have displayed our photos all over our house. We love them. And what is more, we are always receiving compliments on them!

“I just wanted to write you and your team and tell you all how much we truly LOVE our prints, especially the two framed pieces. They are just so BEAUTIFUL. Cosimo is growing and changing so fast, but they truly capture that special time of when he was a newborn. Now that it’s gone forever, I will forever look at your pictures and be reminded of how tiny and precious he was. Only you could have made us feel so comfortable during the shoot and we really enjoyed the experience of working with you so much, sincerely it was a pleasure. We both look forward to working with you again next summer to celebrate Cosimo’s first birthday and our first anniversary as a family! “

Diamond_100603_030A“Um yes, you did it again! Another photo session where I walked out of there thinking it was a complete disaster and yes, the photos are amazing. This is why I keep coming back. You capture moments that I can’t see in the midst of the chaos that happens when you have three boys. Thank god for you!”

I loved how relaxed the session was. My one year old didn’t have to sit still (which he hates). We were able to move around and we looked much more natural in our photos.

“Your photos are how I see my daughter everyday but can’t capture on film.”

Since 2007“Thank you sooooooooo much for the incredible photos of Michael, Rich and Emily Butler… they are fantastic. They really capture the reality of the love that exists in our family. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to seeing your show in SF.”

“My daughter is my heart. You have just captured her beauty and the special relationship between her and her husband. I can see how much he cherishes her.”

“I just want to say, that was the best part of my day, I don’t even have to wait until dinner to say it. “
Ely, 6 years old, commenting, before dinner, on his photo shoot with Jennifer that day.

Baby and pet phototography“Jen, What great work! All the photos of our kids are not only unique but they capture their essence. Our Christmas card this year was so special.”

Thanks Jennifer. Your maternity photography was so good, I had to try the family photography. Well you won me over and now I want to schedule my third session. Thanks for creating images that I treasure.”

“Jennifer, You are so good. These photos are great. I show them to everyone.”
Heidi, mother of three
You show so much warmth and patience during the shoot with our boys. And it shows in the photos. Thank you.

kids and secretsOur family received such careful attention. Jennifer was focused on making us all feel comfortable. She laughed and connected with all my family during a workday. It was a stolen moment!

The pictures are beautiful. They are everything and more than we expected. Thanks again.”

Jennifer is so down to earth, my kids loved her.