About The Artist


Black and white family photographer Jennifer Loomis

YOU are beautiful. Your family is wonderful, quirky, amazing, and all YOURS. That’s how I see you, your partner, and the little pieces of your heart running around in the form of your children. This is why I create photos that tell the stories of your transformation into motherhood, as well as the moments ranging from the bright and happy to the more quiet and intimate times that exist for your family.

What this means is that you walk away from a unique experience with amazing photos that portray you and your family’s unique relationship, all while feeling beautiful and empowered. My photos of your family will be art that lets you re-experience all that precious love through your lifetime, and will also leave a cherished, lasting memory for many generations to come.

Your happiness with the process and with the result is my primary goal, and I personally guarantee all photography sessions.

Why I do this

I’ve been photographing women and their families since before 2000. When I first started photographing pregnancies I saw how my images empowered the women to see their own radiant beauty and their changing bodies in a new way. I have loved having the privilege of documenting families as they grow and change over the years. I’ve even photographed some families over the course of 15 years.


Who I work with

I have photographed more than 4000 women and their families. My clients are female entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, CFOs, CEOs, athletes, celebrities, musicians, stay-at-home mothers, teachers, and others. As one of the earliest pioneers in maternity photography, I like to use my experience and creativity to make a unique photograph of your beautiful pregnancy and family. For the past 20 years I have highlighted the pregnant female form around the world, and I love my work. I was also a professional photojournalist for 15 years, which gave me skills that I use in my maternity and family photography to capture your special one-of-a-kind moments.

I am also a mama of a little boy who came after years of infertility. Photos matter. They capture you and your loved ones and preserve those loving memories, those little hands and feet. They grow up so quick!

My mission

My photography allows me to empower my clients to see the love that they have for themselves and their families. I do that by consciously photographing with my heart, which allows me to connect with my subjects in the moment to create amazing one-of-a-kind black and white photographs. All images are printed on the best fine art papers with archival framing to preserve them for generations. These beautiful framed signed pieces display as a constant reminder of this loving moment in time and our enriching experience together.

Giving back to the Seattle community

I believe that I have an important social responsibility to give back as much as I can to the communities where I work. My grandfather’s words echo in my mind, “Work hard, do good work and be honest.” Plus, I always add “And try to make a difference.”

As a small business owner, I consciously purchase products from other small businesses and artisans to help them thrive. I donate to more than 20 schools and nonprofit auctions a year. More than 10% of my income goes to organizations that help women and girls. In addition, I donate my photography services to Emerge Washington who train women to run for public office. I created and support Adopt-A-Child Photography, which creates great profile photos of children in care for a better chance of finding their forever family. I offer scholarships to clients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a session with me. Behind the scenes, I am the person who loans someone money who can’t pay their rent, or purchases groceries for the person who’s benefits haven’t come through, or who hands out socks to people living outside. I volunteer to take care of babies if a mom needs a break. I believe in making a difference with my life whether it be making contributions to building a better community or allowing women to see themselves in a new way.

Award-Winning Author

A result of my collaboration with journalist Hugo Kugiya, Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother is a collection of fine-art photograghs celebrating pregnant women and their transformative journey into motherhood. Winner of the 2010 Pubwest Book Design Award, Portraits of Pregnancy includes inspiring quotes and gorgeous photos of strong women depicting their vulnerability and joy of maternity and motherhood.

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